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The Community Pharmacist Role

Pharmacists are the experts on medicines.  A pharmacist has studied the composition and actions of drugs and will be able to tell patients/customers all they need to know about medicines.

If a person isn’t sure whether they need to see the doctor, they can ask the pharmacist’s advice first. Pharmacists are trained to offer advice on the treatment of a variety of ailments – anything from headaches and temperatures to mouth ulcers or skin rashes. A pharmacist will know when medical help is needed and will not hesitate to refer a person to another healthcare professional if symptoms demand.

As a member of the local primary healthcare team, a pharmacist works closely with the GPs, Nurses and other healthcare professionals in the area to deliver services to the community.

Community pharmacists can also train to become supplementary or independent prescribers in their own right. They can also prescribe in the pharmacy for minor ailments such as head lice or hay fever.

A pharmacy offers a wide range of medicines and many can only be supplied or dispensed by a pharmacist.

Most community pharmacies are open 6 days a week and some open in the evenings and Sundays. Like doctors, pharmacists also provide out of hours services.

As well as being the ‘high street medicines expert’, a community pharmacist can also offer a range of professional pharmacy services to help ensure customers’ health and wellbeing. These include:

  • Advice and assistance
  • Medication reviews
  • Information
  • Vaccinations
  • Stop Smoking programme
  • Home visits and disability aids
  • Nursing home service
  • Prescription collection and delivery
  • Alternative therapies
  • Lifestyle advice and nutritional advice


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