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UCA-NI Pre-reg Pharmacist Valproate Project 2021


HSCB recently wrote to all healthcare professionals with updated advice on the safety of antiepileptic drugs in pregnancy.

“Antiepileptic drugs are crucial to control seizures and other epilepsy symptoms and untreated epilepsy can cause harm to both the mother and the unborn baby. However, use of these antiepileptic drugs during pregnancy has been associated with a range of harmful effects to the baby.

UCA-NI have teamed up with Coastal Core Ltd to offer Pharmacists Live Covid Vaccination training in various locations in Northern Ireland.

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"At ASC with our 30 years knowledge and experience, we can design and install a full range of HD CCTV, Indtruder alarm and access control, all with user friendly controls on premises and offsite via the app."

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"Introducing the new Paypod Pay Station. Focus on customers, not cash, with automation, security and safety."

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Dynamic Fire & Security offer Mobile Lone Worker Security Fobs/ Panic Buttons with 24 hour coverage at Home and at Work.

Also introducing Dynamic face mask camera alert & Torasan hand sanitiser station (wheelchair friendly)


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Cost-effective Telephone Solutions via UCA-NI Limited

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The current social distancing measures are placing a strain on the mental health of many. AWARE will strive to continue to be a source of support for those who need it.


Do you require a locum to help out in your Pharmacy? Log in now to access our UCA Locum Online and Locum Vacancy Board where you can post your requests.


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Be sure to provide as much information as possible to ensure you get the best candidates for your vacancy. Each post will go out within 1 hour of sharing.

"From now until the end of March, we are offering a very special rate to you for a full service on your safe. Doing these things before problems occur could save you hundreds of pounds because a lockout will be much harder to sort and cost a lot more of your hard earned cash. Use your Pharmacy grant wisely - Be Safe, Be Sure, Be Barrington Secure!" 

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"There are a number of options for improving the security of both personnel and premises beyond the standard recommended security solutions. Our top 4 methods for enhancing security beyond standard systems are 'Staff duress systems' (integrated CCTV, audi and alarms), 'Controlled/automated opening and closing', 'Personal panic alarms with locations tracking' and 'Access control biometric facial reader'.

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