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"Salinomist All-In-One Hypochlorous Acid Disinfectant kills 99.999% of all types of germs on contact"

SalinoMist is a natural and environmentally friendly biocidal disinfectant derived from saline and it is safe and effective for hard and soft surfaces. It is unique because it can also be used as hand sanitiser or as an antiseptic for the cleansing of skin and wounds.


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Get ready for flu vaccine season with an IntelliCold Pharmacy Refrigerator by Labcold.


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Dynamic Fire & Security offer Mobile Lone Worker Security Fobs/ Panic Buttons with 24 hour coverage at Home and at Work.

Also introducing Dynamic face mask camera alert & Torasan hand sanitiser station (wheelchair friendly)


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The profits generated by ToraSan products will be retained within Torax Biosciences business and used to fund more advanced biomedical research.


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The UCA-NI Pre-Registration Leadership and Management Programme (PLMP) are now taking bookings for 2020-21. We recognise the importance of developing Pharmacists to be future managers and leaders in the sector. It all starts with the UCA-NI PLMP.


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Cost-effective Telephone Solutions via UCA-NI Limited

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The current social distancing measures are placing a strain on the mental health of many. AWARE will strive to continue to be a source of support for those who need it.


Do you require a locum to help out in your Pharmacy? Log in now to access our UCA Locum Online and Locum Vacancy Board where you can post your requests.


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UCA is delighted to be working with Pharmsmart, an Electronic Incident Reporting software provider, to promote their range of digital products and services to Pharmacies across NI.

Pharmsmart is a young and dynamic company developed by Pharmacists Sunil Patel and Taskeel Khan, who have created IT solutions for the front-line challenges facing everyone. Pharmsmart's ethos is to be connected and responsive to all that use their software.


Why Pharmsmart?


Community pharmacy is experiencing an alarming rise in aggressive and violent incidents. The worst incident involved two pharmacists (both UCA Executive Committee members) being stabbed in a pharmacy in West Belfast.


UCA surveyed its members who told us about their experiences which can be summarised as follows:


·         Aggressive and rude behaviour from patients on a daily basis

·         Violent incidents/attempted robberies in the past year

·         Attempted/robberies increasingly involving knives or guns



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